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Our Board

As a non-profit, responsibility for our financial well-being falls to our BOD. They are also responsible for: 

  • Governance: Structures and processes to fulfil responsibilities, such as board skills matrix and recruitment, committee appointments, Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) oversight and polices.
  • Talent: select, evaluate, and compensate the CEO, and oversee their performance targets and evaluation in alignment with strategy. 
  • Integrity: Manage the ethical tenor of the company. Establish and review standards of honesty, integrity, and ethics. 
  • Risk: Monitoring the company’s strategic, operational, financial and compliance risk exposure. 
  • Performance: reviews and approves company strategy, annual operating plans, and financial plans. Monitors the execution against established budgets and alignment with strategic objectives of the organization. 
  • Strategy: Develops strategic priorities and plans that align with the mission of the organization and in the best interest of the shareholder. Monitors the ability to execute strategy. 


Board of Directors

  • Niki Anderson, Chair
  • Jennifer Johnson, Vice- Chair
  • Ly Pham
  • Jeff May
  • Barry Lacey
  • Maria Burns
  • Kevin France, non-voting
  • Lori Bresciani, non-voting

Annual Reports

As a registered non-profit, we hold an annual general meeting (AGM) to share important financial information, strategic plans, and business successes with the public.

Have questions for our executive team?

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