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Canada’s Farm Show Regina, SK

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June 18-20, 2024 Tuesday to Wednesday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. & Thursday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
1700 Elphinstone Street
Regina, SK
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CFS 2024 Schedule – The Launch Pad is Presented by Deloitte

The Launch Pad is located in the Viterra International Trade Centre, Hall A

Time Speaker Topic Description

7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Regina and District Chamber of Commerce

Innovations Awards Presented by Greenwave Innovations and

The Launch Pad Presented by Deloitte.

Premier’s Breakfast

Join us on June 18 for the Premier’s Breakfast, where Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe will deliver his State of Agriculture in Saskatchewan address on day one of Canada’s Farm Show, presented by Viterra. This breakfast is in partnership with the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce.

*Ticketed Event*

10:00 AM

Shaun Haney, REAL Agriculture

Ag Talk: 5 things to Watch out for in Agriculture

In this keynote presentation, Shaun Haney talks about the key topics that are impacting farmers and ranchers across Canada and the United States. Whether it’s policy, economics trade, agronomics or ag technology, Haney will weave in opinion, perspective, and data. 

10:45 AM

Joint Announcement with the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) and Farm Credit Canada (FCC)

Accelerating innovation in Canadian agriculture: Join the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS), the University of Saskatchewan and Farm Credit Canada (FCC), for an important announcement supporting agricultural innovation. Speakers include Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture David Marit, FCC President and CEO Justine Hendricks, GIFS CEO Steve Webb, University of Saskatchewan Vice President of Research Baljit Singh and GIFS Board Chair and Saskatchewan farmer Alanna Koch.

11:30 AM

Walter Schwabe

AI in Agriculture: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Agri-Business Evolved – Accelerate your Business Future with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Join veteran presenter Walter Schwabe for an exciting journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative potential in agriculture. Information derived from his work as a CEO in AI and research performed in the agricultural sector in Canada, the US and Jamaica to help farmers and industry navigate the impact and harness the power of AI and machine learning automation.

Learn the latest on how AI is helping to boost crop health, and crop output, increase efficiencies and reduce operational risks; while reviewing current technological limitations and industry concerns. Keeping with the over-arching theme of Digital Transformation within various organizations.  Walter delivers a valuable AI framework and/or roadmap for the implementation of AI.  Explaining the potential future positive and negative impact on agricultural organizations and businesses on how to prepare for this change and the future of work in general. 

AI is changing everything! Marketing and communications, automating business processes, and research, increasing production outputs, efficiencies, and accuracy via automation, reducing mistakes, fraud, and labour requirements, and increasing serious risk factors too…New entire business segments only just invented are being deployed…business needs to be aware and prepared if they want to stay competitive.  

12:30 PM

Matthew Johnson

AG Talk: Drones in Agriculture 

A passionate advocate for education and innovation, Matthew is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of leaders in the drone and machine learning sectors. Through captivating storytelling and actionable insights, Matthew shares his journey of transformation, offering audiences a roadmap to success in an ever-evolving landscape.  

1:30 PM

Janelle Kuntz- SCIC Manager, Program Advisor

AG TALK: The Importance of Business Risk Management for Farm Operations

2:00 PM

Derek Molner – Territory Manager | Marketing Manager, Degelman Industries 


Degelman Industries –  
Exclusive Canadian Premiere of the 
HDSR Series of Staggered Ripper 

3:15 PM

Cultivator powered by Conexus 

24 Hour Start Up | AGTECH – Pitch Finale 

The schedule is subject to change.

Time Speaker Topic Description

10:00 AM

Alumni Panelists:
Mokah Shmigelsky
Sean O’Connor 

Alumni Panel 


Join us for a panel discussion featuring innovative founders from the AGTECH ACCELERATOR program. From precision agriculture and automation to animal AgTech and digital solutions, our panelists will share their experiences, challenges, and visions for driving innovation in AgTech 

10:40 AM

Chris Paterson, Venture Partner- Tall Grass Ventures 

Farmer Adoption / State of Agtech 

Explore the state of AgTechs in this engaging keynote and discover farmer adoption rates and sentiments for the future of agriculture technology.  


11:20 AM

Kristjan Hebert, President- Hebert Group
Evan Shout, President + Co-founder- Maverick Ag Ltd
Justine Hendricks, President +CEO, Farm Credit Canada 

The Truth About Ag
On stage podcast 


Step into the world of agriculture innovation with an exciting live, on-stage podcast session. Justine Hendricks, President, and CEO of Farm Credit Canada (FCC) will join Kristjan Hebert and Evan Shout on The Truth About Ag podcast to explore the latest trends, challenges, and breakthroughs shaping the future of agriculture.  

12:00 PM

Product Launch Presented by Deloitte

1:00 PM

Leonardo Sabo, Principle- Mandi Ventures
Juliana Green, Principle- FMC Ventures
Anita Ludwar, Principle- The 51 Food and Agtech Fund
Moderated by Emmertech 


Investor Panel 

Unlock the secrets of successful AgTech investment as industry experts take the stage, sharing valuable insights and strategies for high-potential technologies in agriculture. This discussion will delve into the nuances of evaluating AgTech startups and assessing their potential for growth and impact. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this sector, as well as strategies to identify and seize investment prospects that have the potential to revolutionize the future of agriculture. 

1:30 PM

Demo Day 

 AGTECH ACCELERATOR | Global Innovation in Action 

Cultivator, Emmertech, and Economic Development Regina have partnered to accelerate the growth of agtech through the AGTECH ACCELERATOR program. Watch as 16 high-growth AgTech companies from across the Globe (9 Canadian, 1 Australian, and 5 United Kingdom) pitch their innovations in hopes of securing a deal with investors in the audience.  

4:00 PM

Kris Heksha, Director, Biofibre Strategy & Innovation – Red Leaf Pulp Alternative Fibre & Renewable Energy

AG TALK: Value-added Manufacturing of Agriculture Biomass

Red Leaf’s corporate profile specifically our team and technology. Details around the Red Leaf Regina Pulp Plant. And the opportunities for Producers and other partners to participate in our project.

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Exhibitor Networking Evening

Note this is a private event for Exhibitors.

Your Exhibitor badge gets you into this exclusive event is a thank you to our 2024 exhibitors! We hope you will join us for this fantastic event, stay tuned for more information.

The schedule is subject to change.

Time Speaker Topic Description

Young Farmers Day Presented by FCC

First 500 farmers under 40 get FREE admission on June 20 to Canada’s Farm Show Regina, SK!

10:00 AM

Brad Wall, with Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel

Coffee Chat with Brad Wall

Join us for an insightful discussion that addresses some crucial questions for the future of agriculture in Saskatchewan. Brad will provide valuable insights on several key topics: we will explore how well provincial politics align with the needs of Saskatchewan’s agricultural sector. Since he left office, the biggest changes in agriculture offer a historical perspective on the industry’s evolution. Addressing rising costs, our guest will suggest provincial-level strategies to help farmers remain competitive and financially stable. The future of family farms, discussing the challenges they face and their prospects for sustainability and succession, highlighting technological advancements that promise a sustainable and productive future for Saskatchewan agriculture. 


11:00 AM

Landon Fahlman, Senior Product Owner, FCC AgExpert 

The Importance of Digitization  

You make decisions about your farm every day no matter where you are, so your farm data does not just belong in the office—it belongs with you. Join Landon Fahlman, Senior Product Owner – FCC AgExpert, to learn how digitizing your farm records can help you prepare for the future and enhance strategic decision-making on your farm. 


11:30 AM

Evan Shout, Herbert Grain Ventures (HGV) Maverick AG  
Navdeep Toor, Axiom Group 
Heather Claire, Sasktel 
Tina Beaudry, Deloitte 
Moderated by Ian Macdonald, Deloitte

AgTech and Innovation Panel 

This panel on AgTech and Innovation is a dynamic and insightful discussion that explores the intersection of technology and agriculture. With the ever-growing global population and the increasing demand for sustainable food production, the panel aims to shed light on the transformative potential of agricultural technology (AgTech) and how innovation is shaping the future of farming. 

12:15 PM

Garth Massie, Canadian Sales & Marketing Manager 

Morris Equipment Ltd. –  
10 Series Air Cart 

1:00 PM

Ground Truth Ag 

A Supply Chain Solution for Grain Grading Frustrations 

By looking at the entire supply chain from farm to destination we can use technology to reduce the current grain grading frustrations and issues experienced at each step of the process. 

1:30 PM

Launch Your Career In Ag Event

Featuring a Panel Discussion and Career Fair 

We are pleased to host this event at Canada’s Farm Show, in partnership with AMC (Agriculture Manufacturers of Canada) (Agriculture Manufacturers of Canada), at the Launch Pad stage in the Viterra International Trade Centre. This exciting event provides job seekers a chance to network with experts and potential employers in the agriculture industry like you!  

The schedule is subject to change.

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CFS main values


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